Abilities Expo is pleased to announce 2 new exciting ways for exhibitors to

promote their products and services to the disability community!

Introducing "Abilities TV" and "Abilities Radio"!


These exciting new broadcast platforms provide helpful news, information, entertainment and more to those in the disability community, while providing an effective way for exhibitors and advertisers to promote their products and services.

Abilities TV is the new on-demand television channel now airing on Roku and Amazon Fire TV!
Roku is the leading television streaming platform that reaches over 40 million households around the world!  Amazon Fire TV reaches over 34 million!


​Through Abilities TV, we are able to provide the disability community with informative interviews with leading doctors and therapists, news of the latest breakthroughs in the medical world, entertainment and stories featuring others in the disability community, and more!


With programs such as "Live at the Expo", "Exhibitors Spotlight", and more shows that are currently in production, Abilities TV is able to provide advertisers with a proven way to effectively reach their target market, showcasing their products and services to those who need them most!